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Army’s construction vehicles boosted by £240 million contract

Photo: A MITER vehicle in action on Op Trenton in South Sudan. Crown Copyright


The UK military’s fleet of bulldozers, cranes and forklifts will soon be refreshed thanks to a £240 million maintenance contract.

The fleet – known as MITER – is a valuable asset in peace time activities and operations around the world.

In recent years the equipment has been used to help with recovery following the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Dorian in the Caribbean, during major flooding incidents in the UK and supporting the military response to COVID-19 by loading and off-loading vital medical supplies from distribution centres.

Now a new seven-year contract has been awarded to AmeyBriggs to maintain, manage and support the MOD’s fleet of construction and mechanical vehicles.

Vehicles in the MITER fleet include excavators, bulldozers, cranes and forklift trucks and meet the MOD’s need for earth-moving, engineer construction and mechanical handling capabilities.

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