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World War One tank at risk

A UK town council is carrying out a detailed survey on a Mark IV tank given to the town in August 1919 in recognition of the money … Read More

‘A Bridge too Far’ tank to run at Tankfest

A World War Two Achilles Tank Destroyer, which appeared in the war epic ‘A Bridge too Far’, is to make its first Tankfest appearance. … Read More

World War Two veterans visit primary school to mark 100 days until VE Day 75

Three World War Two veterans visited Sandhurst Primary School in London recently to educate year 6 pupils on their wartime experiences, … Read More

Your chance to question Ministry of Defence medals and records experts at Family History Shows 2020

Members of the Ministry of Defence Medals and Records Offices, part of Defence Business Services, will attend several family history … Read More

Anti-tank missile gunners get enhanced protection with new armoured turret

Working with the US Marine Corps, army engineers have developed a new armoured turret to provide greater protection for TOW missile … Read More

Yorkshire soldier becomes first female to win British Army Photographer of the Year title

A female soldier has won the coveted British Army Photographer of the Year award for the first time. The winners of this year’s Army … Read More

Rare Nashorn confirmed for Militracks 2020

Militracks has welcomed the news that a rare Nashorn tank hunter damaged in a fire last year will be at the event. Military historians … Read More

Major General Jez Bennett delivers keynote speech at armoured vehicles conference

Major General Jez Bennett, director capability British Army, delivered a speech at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference & … Read More

Edwin Maher steps down from Lakeland Motor Museum to enjoy retirement

One of the most familiar faces in Cumbria’s tourism industry is retiring, having spent more than 25 years overseeing the success … Read More

Win a ride in Tiger 131

The Tank Museum is offering people the chance to ride in Tiger 131 at a day dedicated to the Tiger tank. Tiger 131 is the only running … Read More


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