Adler EV 1.7 Cabriolet

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Contact Kai Laine
+358 400 900 799.
Helsinki, Finland
£ 9,000.00
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Adler EV 1.7 Cabriolet made by Karmann. It is little bit too bad for a real restoration project. ( I have seen people done show cars from worse starts...) I think it might be best for some military oriented hobbyist, who do not need everything being so straight and shiny. It does have most of rust work done already, and wood work also mostly done. There are some parts missing, which will make 100% correct restoration very difficult. Otherwise, there are some extra parts with the car, for example complete spare engine. I guess this was quite rare car when it was new, and, because of the war, still rarer today... I have seen restored one sold for over 40000 Euros, my price is 9000€
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